Director’s Note They say that this story really happened. I don’t know whether there were two boys or three. I don’t know if they were brothers. I don’t know whether they were fleeing for the first time or had tried before. I don’t know what happened to them along the way. All I know is that they wanted to change something about their lives. I know that there are good people and bad people every- where, and that coincidence often has a key impact on our lives. I know that many of us hope that somewhere out there is a place that is different, better, and more beautiful. Wherever that might be...I also know that as long as we have dreams, as long as we have faith, and as long as we keep hoping for the impossible, we find meaning in everything that surrounds us; we manage to lift ourselves above the ground just a little and rise above all that is ordinary, miserable, and some- times just plain boring.What really captivated me in the story of the little fugitives was their extraordinary willingness to break out of their lack of life, lack of existrence. The stunning thing about it is their hunger for a better and more “humane” life, although nobody knows if they would ever find themselves in it... Where did these young, homeless, ragged and hungry boys get such determination? How much courage and strength did it cost them? Aren’t they the great little heroes of the wicked times we live in?I learned about this whole story by accident, from an acquaintance, after returning from holidays. I sit here in an airy room, typing on my keyboard, creating a story about these boys - a story that moves me. But would I be capable of doing something for them if I met them on the street - right here, today, right in front of me? I’m scared. I’m scared that I wouldn’t.I want to make this film for everyone who is like me. So they can stop being scared.







    by Dorota Kędzierzawska