I AM is the story of an eleven-year-old boy – a chance runaway from a children’s home, unwanted, rejected by the mother he hoped to live with – who is left completely alone.Mongrel does not complain, nor does he blame anyone for his misery. All he does is try to face life on his own. Yet he realises that somewhere out there is another world, a better world. Perhaps this awareness gives him strength and hope, lets him dream, believe and just be... Fortunately, he does not dream about living a life of ease, but rather of living life to its fullest.He is brave, he never complains or whines. He knows that his real, adult life has begun and he has to stand up to this test alone. He is self-reliant and independent. And he seems to be defending his independence.He finds his “home“ on an old, large, deserted barge. He becomes friends with a girl who lives nearby in a real, affluent house. For him, just as it is for her, this chance meeting does not only bring along the first affection, or maybe even love, but also a great, wonderful discovery – you need not be alone in the world. If you are lucky, you can find people who feel like you, have similar problems and perceive the world in the same way...



    I AM





    Dorota Kędzierzawska